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You can stay connected with Australian Avocados in a variety of ways. From our official Facebook page to videos of our Food Service Masterclasses; we’ll keep you up to date with all the new and exciting things we’re doing.

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Food Service Twitter

Food Service Twitter

We have a Food Service education program dedicated to showing chefs how versatile avocados can be on a menu. If you’re in the industry, a bit of a foodie, or are just interested in the program, follow us on Twitter for innovative avocado dishes, Masterclass video releases, and more Food Service news.

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Download the Food Service Fresh Avocados Masterbook

Our Fresh Avocados Masterbook will help you to explore new recipes and innovative uses of avocado for your dishes that will add value to your menu in many ways.

This Masterbook is designed for Food Service professionals and gives insight into getting better returns and profits when using avocados in your kitchen.

Our YouTube channel is home to videos of everyday recipe demonstrations, nutrition information, our Food Service fresh avocado Masterclasses, as well as all things Australian Avocados.
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For more information about our Masterclasses or anything on this website, please contact avocados@whiteworks.com.au or 0458 900 251.

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