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The NSW & ACT Chef Menu Competition 2012

Australian Avocados

Take the Challenge and You Can Win


All NSW & ACT Chefs


During the month of November, when there will be an extraordinary bumper crop of fresh Aussie avocados.


Your menu’s avocado dish could win you a Thermomix, or a Tojiro knife favoured by Heston Blumenthal, as well as on-line and media exposure.

All you have to do is:
  • Create a dish highlighting avocado in any way and cooked in any style.
  • Enter the contest and register your establishment and the avocado dish. If you have existing avocado dishes then declare those as well.
  • Showcase the newly created avocado dish on your menu for the entire month of November.
  • Your restaurant will be displayed on the popular Australian Avocado website for consumers and bloggers.
  • Bloggers and consumers will be able to identify you as a participating restaurant, may visit your establishment, and are encouraged to order the nominated avocado dish.
  • There is a competition for them to participate too. To qualify to enter they will need to review your dish on their blog or upload one to Yelp, Urbanspoon, or TripAdvisor as well as the avocado website.
  • Judges will grade your dish(es) for creativity, appeal, and innovation.

Registrations are open now. To enter, click here to fill out the entry form.

For enquiries or to receive copies of the Avocado Masterbook – with tips on menu usage, storage, handling and recipes from leading Australian chefs: avocados@whiteworks.com.au:

Welcome Food Service Professionals

Attracted by the taste, the versatility and the health benefits of the fruit, Australians are now enjoying and buying more avocados than they ever have.

This website caters to the specific needs of the food service industry, providing useful, practical information about the use of avocados in the professional kitchen. Food service professionals will find inspiration in our innovative recipe ideas showcasing the versatility of the Australian avocado, and have the opportunity to learn new cooking and presentation techniques designed to add value to any menu.

Avocados are quickly becoming a staple in the Australian diet. This presents a great opportunity for restaurants, pubs, clubs, and cafés to start offering avocados in fresh and interesting ways to consumers. So come on board and ‘add an avo’ to your table, Australia's waiting.

Have an interesting meal that uses avocado on your menu? Want to promote it and your restaurant in our monthly consumer e-newsletter? Send the meal name, a brief description, your name, your restaurant’s name, your restaurant's address and any other information to avocados@whiteworks.com.au.

Food & Drink Fair

Our masterclasses

Kate McGhie

Masterclasses for chefs are now available to help food service professionals learn more about adding an avocado to the menu. They feature internationally renowned chef, food writer and avocado aficionado, Kate McGhie, who has been a food writer for the Herald Sun for almost 25 years. Kate is also heavily involved in Australian hospitality standards, she sits on National Chair of Judges for Restaurants and Catering, and, is the President of the Australian Association of Food Professionals.

The Australian Avocados - Fresh Avocados Masterclasses for chefs explores new recipes and innovative ways of using avocados as well as presentation, ordering, storage and handling techniques. The content is tailored to help the professional chef discover the versatility of avocados. Each session is a feast of imaginative sensory experiences that explore the spectrum of flavours and textures of avocados together with preparation methods and food matching possibilities. Myths are busted as global avocado dishes and uses are experienced. And there are tips for getting more menu bang for the buck across all commercial food and beverage venues.

These avocado masterclasses are entertaining and informative peer group events. From café to bistro, fine dining to banquets, they reveal the virtually limitless potential of adding an avo to a dish and why avocados are for every meal, every course, every season and every occasion.

Subscribe to our Database

By subscribing to our database, you will be kept up-to-date with new recipes and all the latest news in the Australian avocado industry. This service is aimed at providing food professionals with the best advice there is on how to benefit most from adding an avo to the menu. To find out more about how to get the best out of your avocado, feel free to explore all this site has to offer. Enjoy the journey.


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