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How to order from your provedore

Obtaining fresh avocados from your provedore is a very simple process. To get the best fruit available, follow these easy steps when ordering:

  • Look for the stickerAsk your supplier for Australian avocados, which are identified with an Australian Australia sticker.
  • Tell your supplier when you intend to use the fruit — either the same day as delivery or the day after. Give the supplier feedback.
  • Decide on size — look at the size options available. If you intend to dice or mash avocados, choose bigger fruit as this will yield more edible flesh, but if you are serving halves, smaller fruit will be a better option. Your supplier will be able to advise you on sizes and availability.
  • Hass and Shepard are the main varieties available. Throughout the season other varieties may be on offer, and all avocado varieties can be substituted for each other.
  • Trust your provedore to give you advice on the best options on available fruit.
  • Organic avocados are also freely obtainable throughout Australia. Your supplier should know where to order organic varieties.
  • Give your provedore feedback about the fruit. It is a good way to build a lasting, successful business relationship, as your supplier will feel valued and appreciated.
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