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Farming Australian Avocados

From planting to harvesting, the farming of avocados is a fascinating process. The following information contains some of the more unusual aspects of farming this unique marvel of nature.

Grown on a wide range of soil, avocado trees are attractive evergreens, with lush dark green foliage that needs a warm climate and protection from frost. The trees grow up to 40 ms tall if planted in good soil and given plenty of water and proper pruning. After grafting, the trees begin to crop after three years, peaking around eight to nine years of age. A production span, however, can last up to 20 years.

The flowers on an avocado tree mature simultaneously and  the fruit takes between six and15 months to grow, depending on the region. In cooler regions, trees have two crops at the same time and their fruit does not ripen until it is picked.

The Australian avocado industry supplies both organically and non-organically grown fruit. As avocados are a low chemical use crop, non-organic varieties are still a safe option for consumers. More tropical areas use sprays for fruit fly, and a copper-based, non-systemic fungicide which is safe to use as it stays on the outside of the plant and is not absorbed into the flesh. Many growers in the southern regions do not use sprays at all. However, if preferred, organically grown avocados are easily obtainable from many growers throughout Australia.

Australian avocados have come a long way from the back yard enterprise of the early years. Today, farming avocados is a large, successful industry employing thousands of people and generating substantial income for the Australian economy. Owner operated farms are thriving in Australia at the present day, with many farmers joining this booming industry.

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