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Selling Avocados into Food Service

Staff should be trained to highlight dishes featuring fresh avocados and be knowledgeable of their selling points. This is especially the case where there is fresh avocado in a new dish or when they’re being presented as an extra price option.  Menus, specials boards and signage are also important in emphasising avocado as a quality ingredient in meals.

Always include ‘fresh avocado’ in the dishes description. This indicates flavour and freshness as well as holding appeal to health conscious consumers. Describe how the avocado is served: e.g. “with diced fresh avocado” or “with half a fresh avocado”.

You can also help sell more fresh avocados by leveraging their visual impact and attractiveness as part of the dish presentation.

A small display of fruit shown in a basket with a hand written “fresh avocados” sign is a subtle and attractive method of drawing attention to dishes featuring fresh avocados.

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