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Fresh avocados have a unique taste and texture that is well suited to cooking. The creamy, buttery taste of fresh avocados is due to the good fats and the high fibre, which adds a rich texture, fullness and smoothness to this versatile, healthy ingredient.

The professional chef will be interested to know that fresh avocados give a smooth, pleasant, mildly nutty mouth feel, and unheated fresh avocados add certain coolness to the dish, providing a taste contrast to hot food.

When served warm, avocados provide a buttery taste that is able to smooth key flavours in the dish without masking them. Fresh avocado also softens salt, chilli and spice without disguising them. In fact, avocado will help key flavour notes linger longer due to the good fats present in the fruit, which also help enhance other companion flavours of the dish. Flavours and companion ingredients that particularly benefit from mixing with fresh avocado are salt, olives, bacon, soy sauce, sweet flavours, protein, spicy/chilli flavours and lemon.

Fresh avocados are rich without being heavy or greasy, and have a fullness and meatiness,which allows them to perfectly complement or substitute protein.

For those interested in learning more about the use of fresh avocados in the professional kitchen, please inquire about our masterclasses by contacting avocados@whiteworks.com.au or call 0458 900 251.

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