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Size and Yield

Aim to buy the larger avocados which yield more edible flesh/serves per tray and minimise preparation time per service. Some generic yield calculations for different fruit sizes are identified below and support the value proposition of larger fruit, unless tray prices are significantly different. These calculations do not include preparation time.

Tray of 23 (average retail sized fruit)

Gross weight 240g per fruit
Seed and skin 67g per fruit
Edible Flesh 173g per fruit
Total Flesh 3979g per tray
Serves 6 to 8

Tray of 28 (smaller sized fruit)

Gross weight 200g per fruit
Seed and skin 70g per fruit
Edible Flesh 130g per fruit
Total Flesh 3640g per tray
Serves 4 to 5

Cost per plate

Most chefs consider plate cost when purchasing product. Some useful ways of representing costs include:

Cost per tray $30-35/tray for 23/tray
Cost per piece of fruit $1.30-$1.52
Cost per quarter serve 33-38 cents
Cost per kilo of edible flesh $35/3.9kg (tray) = $8.97/kg
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