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Cooking Myths

The exotic avocado has always been a subject of curiosity. Even today, myths and misconceptions regarding its use exist in our culture, creating confusion for the consumer. To clear up any queries you might have, we have addressed these mistaken beliefs and provided answers to frequently asked questions in this section.

“Avocados are great in salads and sandwiches, but you can’t ‘cook’ with them.”
This is not true. We have consulted with a number of chefs, and found that avocados can be used in the full range of cooking methods commonly used. For tips and techniques to handling avocados in different situations, please see our Cooking & Handling section on this website.

“Avocados turn bitter if you cook them.”
This also is not true. We have tested Hass avocados extensively using a range of cooking methods such as warming, baking, grilling and frying to create pizzas, quiche, casserole, pies and soup. We have also crumbed and fried avocados, and did not experience a problem with bitterness when handled properly. Please see our Cooking Techniques section on this website. 

“Avocados are only for summer.”
Contrary to popular belief, avocados are available all year round; in fact, their availability peaks in winter when chefs will find the fruit of good quality and reasonably priced.

“They can be too hard (not ripe) when delivered ... they are too expensive ... they go off ...”
This common misconception is easily rectified when the ripening process of avocados is understood. Chefs will find that concerns regarding ripeness and price can be solved by learning how to plan a tray and working closely with provedores.

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