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Fresh avocados make a versatile addition to any professional kitchen. The very many ways in which the fruit can be prepared are sure to inspire a creative and resourceful chef who will find the avocado a valuable ingredient to work with.

Due to its versatile nature, avocado can be adapted to cover both hot and cold dishes, served as entrées, mains, desserts and even drinks, and also appear in more than one item on the menu, making it economically viable for inclusion on the menu.

Avocados have unique visual characteristics that enhance plating presentation. The shape, texture and body of the fruit can be explored to every advantage — avocado can be presented in multiple ways such as cut, sliced, diced, mashed or mixed with other foods, and with the chef’s unique touch, it can also give a classic dish a contemporary twist.

The colours of the fruit also play a role in presentation; the dark green colour complements other green ingredients such as peas, salsa verde and green vegetables, while the brown and white hues go very well with meat and seafood.

If you are interested in learning more about how to successfully integrate avocado into your menu, please sign up for our Australian Avocados — Fresh Avocado Masterclasses (see contact information on our homepage).

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