How to Peel

Easy Peeling

This simple three-step process will help you get the most out of your
Australian Avocados:

1. Start with a ripe Avocado and cut it lengthwise around the seed. Rotate the halves to separate. Image of cutting an avocado
2. Remove the seed by sliding the tip of a spoon gently underneath and lifting out. (The other common seed-extraction method of striking the seed with a knife can be dangerous and is not recommended.) image of removing avocado seed
3. Peel the fruit by placing the cut side down and removing the skin with a knife or your fingers, starting at the small end. An alternative is to simply scoop out the Avocado flesh with a spoon. Be sure to sprinkle all cut surfaces with lemon juice, lime juice or white vinegar, to prevent discolouration. image of scooping out avocado

Quick Bites

|Filipinos puree Avocados with sugar and milk for a dessert drink. |Brazilians add Avocados to ice cream.|Other names for Avocado include agovago pears, abogado, avocatier, avocaat, avocato, avagato, albeccata and alligator pear.|Avocados were once a luxury food reserved for the tables of royalty, however these days they are enjoyed by people from all walks of life.|Latin Americans wrap Avocados up and give them as wedding gifts.|Science can neither deny nor confirm the Avocado's reputation as an aphrodisiac.|Avocados contain more than 25 essential vitamins and minerals.|Avocados have only five grams of fat per serving, most of it being monounsaturated (good) fat.|Avocados are sodium free and cholesterol free.|Avocados are a healthy food with 60% more potassium than bananas.|Avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable.|The Guinness Book of Records lists Avocados as the most nutritious fruit in the world!
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