Export Development

Avocados Australia recognises export market development is a high priority for our growing industry. Given the forecast increase in Australian production, new market development is essential. Avocados Australia works on behalf of industry to gain market access to new export markets. Current priority markets are Thailand, Japan and China. The majority of Australian avocados are currently exported to Singapore and Malaysia (see graph below). Avocados Australia provides regular communication to industry on export development through our comprehensive communication program.

If you are searching for a potential supplier of Australian avocados, please search our Supply Chain Directory.

Avocados Australia Export Committee

Avocados Australia oversees an Export Committee for the implementation of the Avocado Export Development Plan 2014-2019, the committee reports to the Board of Avocados Australia.

The Avocados Australia Export Committee members are:

Export Market Development Project

Avocados Australia manages an export market development project with funding from the Australian Government under the PASE Program (Package Assisting Small Exporters). This project includes the development of ‘ripe and ready’ avocado retail markets in Singapore and Malaysia.

Australian Avocado Export Brochure

The Australian Avocado Export Brochure which provides information about the availability and benefits of Australian avocados, can be downloaded below in both English and simplified Chinese.

Australian Avocado Export Brochure – English

Australian Avocado Export Brochure – Simplified Chinese

Australian Avocado Exports – Annual Volume by Key Market


Avocado Export Development Plan 2014 – 2019

Avocado Export Development Plan 2014-2019

Avocado Export Development Plan 2014-2019 – Appendix A

Avocado Export Development Plan 2014-2019 – Appendix B

Avocado Export Development Plan 2014-2019 – Appendix C

Avocado Export Development Plan 2014-2019 – Appendix D

Avocado Export Development Plan 2014-2019 – Appendix E

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