Feature Articles

Spring 2019 edition (Volume 30 No 1)
     Verticillium wilt in Western Australia this summer
Summer 2019 edition (Volume 29 No 4)
     Australian Avocados Marketing Update
     Air freight security changes coming
Spring 2018 edition (Volume 29 No 3)
     Hail recovery a long term prospect
Winter 2018 edition (Volume 29 No 2)
     Australian Avocados Marketing update
     Reducing bruising in avocado
Autumn 2018 edition (Volume 29 No 1)
     Australian Avocados Marketing Update
     Does impact injury at harvest increase body rots at retail?
Summer 2018 edition (Volume 28 No 4)
     Best practice handling to reduce flesh bruising
     On-farm focus for R&D
     Boosting avocado industry leadership skills
Spring 2017 edition (Volume 28 No 3)
     Asia Fruit success for avocados & Taste Australia
     Nuffield Scholarship: avocado canopy management
Winter 2017 edition (Volume 28 No 2)
     Factors affecting avocado flesh bruising susceptibility
     Can we increase avocado production via pollination?
     Ripe & ready to eat in Singapore