International Avocado News

Africa's growing avocado potentialFresh Fruit Portal15/10/2019
EU: consumption growth potentialFreshPlaza15/10/2019
US: world record avocadoHawaii News Now12/10/2019
EU: avocado demand still growingFreshPlaza11/10/2019
Peru gains access to Mexico with preserved avocadoFrsehPlaza11/10/2019
Avocados from Chile extends golf partnershipFreshPlaza08/10/2019
Mexico expects 2mt exports by 2030Produce Blue Blook08/10/2019
New Zealand's premium avocado story grows marketFreshPlaza02/10/2019
South Korea opens to Peruvian avocadoAsiafruit02/10/2019
US needs better supply chain data: food serviceFresh Fruit Portal01/10/2019
Colombian avocados enter new Asian marketsAsiafruit26/09/2019
Kenya growing fastDaily Nation26/09/2019
Peru exports 285,000tFreshPlaza26/09/2019
Colombia: Mission plans expansionFresh Fruit Portal16/09/2019
Colombian exports up 54%FreshPlaza16/09/2019
US wants safety guarantees for inspectors in Mexic...Mexico News Daily13/09/2019
South Africa: ZZ2 boosting productionEurofruit03/09/2019
Global demand exceeding supplyFreshPlaza26/08/2019
US: imports up 20% in first halfFresh Fruit Portal26/08/2019
Avocados from Mexico open US cafeDallas News24/08/2019
New Zealand's Asian focusFresh Fruit Portal22/08/2019
Colombian exports riseFreshPlaza21/08/2019
China a strategic market for MexicoFreshPlaza19/08/2019
China increases avocado importsFreshPlaza07/08/2019
Water shortages in parts of ChileFresh Fruit Portal02/08/2019