International Avocado News

Colombia's first shipment to China next weekFresh Fruit Portal04/12/2019
NZ diversifying marketsRural News Group04/12/2019
UK: Waitrose's Christmas avoDaily Mail UK03/12/2019
Mexico: rain disrupts productionFreshPlaza27/11/2019
Colombia: Camposol's first EU exportsFreshPlaza26/11/2019
Avocados from Mexico promotes industry goodThe Produce News25/11/2019
Germany's imports increase fivefoldFreshPlaza25/11/2019
Mexico extends marketing to CanadaFreshPlaza14/11/2019
New Zealand avocado price dropRNZ13/11/2019
South Africa chasing Japanese marketEurofruit07/11/2019
Iceland plans to grow avosFreshPlaza06/11/2019
E-commerce driving Mexico's China growthFresh Fruit Portal04/11/2019
Chile: drought impacting on pollinatorsDaily Mail01/11/2019
Boycotting Mexican avocados doesn't helpGuardian31/10/2019
Mexican production up 5.7%FreshPlaza31/10/2019
US: 266% supply increase 2002-2018Americafruit30/10/2019
Computer vision identifies ripe fruitFreshPlaza29/10/2019
Avocado may lower bad cholesterolPenn State28/10/2019
Chilean exports up 11% for seasonFreshPlaza25/10/2019
New avocado brand in China: MokadoFreshPlaza25/10/2019
Peru wants to increase exports to ChileFreshPlaza25/10/2019
New automated measurement tool for fruit growersEurofruit24/10/2019
Promising bacterial extract to control Hass avocado...FreshPlaza24/10/2019
Spain: arrests over attempted avo theftEuro National24/10/2019
China could become largest avocado marketFresh Fruit Portal21/10/2019